Today´s tip

I really liked the way they had done it with the tights in the picture. What do you think? A do it yourself project?




Kate Moss for Vogue Paris



I love how the photographer has used so many different background-coulors for this photo shoot. The pink hair, red lip-stick, green pants and the blue blazer on the last picture fits so perfect to each other. Incredible. I just got a lot of ideas and inspiration. Thank you Vogue Paris.


It´s like summer in Oslo, the days are so lazy with book-reading in the park and wine by night. I must  say I love this holiday, and yesterday I wore my Levis shorts for the first time this season. It´s my number one from my closet and I´m never getting tired of it. I wore them with my favorite sweater from H&M and shoes from Zara.



Happy Easter everyone. I´m on holiday in Oslo, and that´s actually a lot of fun. On wednesday I danced my ass off at Ryes, tonight is still to come. Can´t wait!


I´ve been shopping with my friend Helene today, that means I´ve been watching and she´s been shopping. My credit-card is empty, but at least I got to work out and try Zumba today. (I was the red pig jumping up and down in the back).

Anyways, today I´ve been wearing: Jeans from The Local Firm, sweater from Zara, jacket and shoes from H&M and bag from Nina Jarebrink.

ELLE favoritter

ELLE asked me to list some of my favourites for this season, to check out more you can go to One thing for sure, plastic is one of my biggest must haves this season!

Fab ELLE Cover

I just love the newest cover of Norwegian ELLE, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was assisting at the shoot and picked out the nail polish and the jewelleries. The silver jacket from Burberry is amazing, I am thinking about making one myself with an old leather jacket and a spray-can.