Of course I had to buy the yellow plastic purse from Fashion Against Aids for H&M. Today I was wearing sweater from H&M, pnats from Samsøe & Samsøe and watch from Mango.

Det måtte jo bli noe fra Fashion Against Aids for H&M kolleksjonen, så jeg slo til med den gule plastikkvesken, og jeg er totalt forelsket i den!



Today I´ve been wearing pants from Zara, sweater from H&M, watch from Mango, sunglasses from The Local Firm, clutch from Monki and shoes from

Roadtrip to Norwegian Outlet

What a lovely day! Mine started with a bloggers roadtrip to Vestby and Norwegian Outlet, where we had a nice breakfeast, a guided tour around the area and we also got to to some turbo shopping. 

This is some of the things I purchased, a pair of Made in Heaven pants, two neon belts and some pretty crazy pants from Designers Remix.

I was wearing pants from Zara and sweater from H&M.

Nice colors all together

Orange and white is so nice together.

Everyone was talking about Mariannes crazy-cool bag from Cambridge Satchel Company. I want it too. The color is so much color in real life!

Blogging is such a nice fenomenon, don´t you think?

Idag har jeg da altså vært på Norwegian Outlet i Vestby utenfor Oslo. Jeg må si jeg ble veldig overrasket over det gode utvalget og de utrolige prisene, kjøpte blant annet et par Made in Heaven jeans for 250 kr! Jeg lo godt for meg selv der bloggerne satt i bloggebussen med hvert sitt kamera og var klare for roadtrip. Blogging er virkelig et artig fenomen, men veldig gøy da syns du ikke?


I´d never thought I was gonna crave after a Boa around my neck, but  actually I want one in green really, really bad.

Altså jeg hadde trodd jeg noengang ville cravet etter en boa, men den gang ei. Ja takk til en syregrønn Boa!


Yesterday I wore pants from H&M, sweater from Zara, old vintage jacket, purse from Monki and watch from Mango Time.

Today´s tip

I really liked the way they had done it with the tights in the picture. What do you think? A do it yourself project?



Kate Moss for Vogue Paris



I love how the photographer has used so many different background-coulors for this photo shoot. The pink hair, red lip-stick, green pants and the blue blazer on the last picture fits so perfect to each other. Incredible. I just got a lot of ideas and inspiration. Thank you Vogue Paris.


It´s like summer in Oslo, the days are so lazy with book-reading in the park and wine by night. I must  say I love this holiday, and yesterday I wore my Levis shorts for the first time this season. It´s my number one from my closet and I´m never getting tired of it. I wore them with my favorite sweater from H&M and shoes from Zara.



Happy Easter everyone. I´m on holiday in Oslo, and that´s actually a lot of fun. On wednesday I danced my ass off at Ryes, tonight is still to come. Can´t wait!