Elen Portrett Elen




Hallo hallo fra London. Det har vært såpass hektisk at jeg ikke har hatt tid til å blogge. Wæ liksom.

Denne skjønne snuppa tok jeg bilde av i går, og jeg sitter og sparker meg selv i leggen for at jeg ikke spurte hvor clutchen hennes er fra.

Hvis du vet kan du godt si det til meg, hvis du vil.

Shot a picture of this lovely lady yesterday outside the J.W. Anderson show. Loved her outfit, and definitely loved her smile! The photos are a bit light, as I had the wrong setting (which I always have really), but yeah yeah. I also kick myself for not asking where her clutch is from. So nice!


photos courtesy of a love is blind

Three pictures wrapping up the how-should-i-look-what-should-i-wear-this-spring questions. The answer as: heavy cable knits with suede ancle-cropped pants with lace-up detailing and heels with a reasonable high heel, a floor-length trench coat with high heeled sandals and blue jeans paired with more blues and some black.